Tumblr: The Top 50 Most Discussed Anime 2020


As in recent years, the blogging platform Tumblr recently published an overview of the topics on which most (Discussed) posts have been written this year. For anime and manga, there are two lists of our own, which of course we do not want to withhold from you.

“My Hero Academia” At The Top

My Hero Academia Tumblr Most Discussed Anime 2020

As in the previous year’s most discussed anime, “My Hero Academia” secured first place in the anime and manga titles. In second place is the sports series “Haikyu!!”, which has increased a total of 14 places compared to last year. New in the top 10 are “BEASTARS”, “Naruto” and “Mo Dao Zu Shi”.

Also in the ranking of anime and manga characters, “My Hero Academia” is at the top – and with seven characters from the series in the top 10 most discussed. But also the characters from “Haikyu!” enjoyed great popularity on Tumblr this year.

Now you’re asked: Do you use Tumblr and have your favorites made it to the lists?

Top 50 Anime and Manga:

#TitlePrevious year
1My Hero Academia+- 0
2Haikyu!!+ 14
3JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure+- 0
6Mo Dao Zu ShiNew
7Demon Slayer+- 0
8One Piece– 2
9Fruits Basket– 5
1019 Days– 5
11Sailor Moon– 1
12Inuyasha+ 15
13Attack on Titan– 4
14Fullmetal Alchemist+ 4
15Bungou Stray Dogs– 2
16Mob Psycho 100New
17Hetalia+ 2
18Death Note+ 22
19Fairy Tail– 8
20Hunter x Hunter+ 4
21Toilet-Bound Hanako-kunNew
23Bleach+ 9
24Boruto: Naruto Next Generations– 2
25Digimon Adventure+ 19
26Tower of GodNew
27Noragami+ 2
28Black Clover+ 7
29Yuri!!! on Ice– 12
30Yu-Gi-Oh!+ 6
31Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken!New
32Given– 4
34Aggretsuko– 11
35Black Butler– 14
36Diabolic Lovers– 2
37Land of the Lustrous– 7
38Heaven Official’s BlessingNew
39Banana Fish– 25
40Little Witch Academia+ 7
41Dr StoneNew
42Seraph of the EndNew
43Soul Eater+- 0
44The Millionaire Detective: Balance UnlimitedNew
45Akatsuki no Yona: Princess of Dawn– 14
46The Promised Neverland– 31
47Neon Genesis EvangelionNew
48Killing Stalking– 28
49Mr. Osomatsu– 16
50One Punch Man– 25

Top 50 Anime and Manga Characters:

1Midoriya IzukuMy Hero Academia
2Bakugou KatsukiMy Hero Academia
3DabiMy Hero Academia
4Wei WuxianMo Dao Zu Shi
5Aizawa ShoutaMy Hero Academia
6HawksMy Hero Academia
7Todoroki ShoutoMy Hero Academia
8Kirishima EijirouMy Hero Academia
9Lan WangjiMo Dao Zu Shi
10Levi AckermanAttack on Titan
11Present MicMy Hero Academia
12Shigaraki TomuraMy Hero Academia
13All MightMy Hero Academia
14Kaminari DenkiMy Hero Academia
15Kageyama TobioHaikyu!!
16Hinata ShouyouHaikyu!!
17Jiang ChengMo Dao Zu Shi
18Shinsou HitoshiMy Hero Academia
19Jotaro KujoJoJo’s Bizarre Adventure
20Oikawa TooruHaikyu!!
21Hatake KakashiNaruto/Boruto: Next Generations
22Akaashi KeijiHaikyu!!
23Tsukishima KeiHaikyu!!
24Haruno SakuraNaruto/Boruto: Next Generations
25Edward ElricFullmetal Alchemist
26Miya AtsumuHaikyu!!
27Giorno GiovannaJoJo’s Bizarre Adventure
29Uraraka OchakoMy Hero Academia
30Uchiha SasukeNaruto/Boruto: Next Generations
31Sero HantaMy Hero Academia
32Ashido MinaMy Hero Academia
33Trafalgar LawOne Piece
34Todoroki TouyaMy Hero Academia
35Todoroki TouyaMy Hero Academia
36Sohma KyoFruits Basket
37EriMy Hero Academia
38Honda TohruFruits Basket
39Nie HuaisangMo Dao Zu Shi
40Uzumaki NarutoNaruto/Boruto: Next Generations
41Dio BrandoJoJo’s Bizarre Adventure
42Tsukino UsagiSailor Moon
43Bokuto KoutarouHaikyu!!
44Togata MirioMy Hero Academia
45Joseph JoestarJoJo’s Bizarre Adventure
46Iwaizumi HajimeHaikyu!!
47Dazai OsamuBungou Stray Dogs
48Mo Guan Shan19 Days
49Amajiki TamakiMy Hero Academia
50Ida TenyaMy Hero Academia
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