The series ‘Overlord’ is based on a successful manga of the same name. The creator of the show was Kygane Maruyama, and the show made its first publication in 2015. It’s a dark fantasy series loved by people worldwide and is Directed by Naoki Itou and produced by Madhouse. It gained an immense fan following in its succeeding seasons since its first release. So fans really want Overlord Season 4, The third season of the show was released in 2019, and it instantly gained popularity at once. This anime series is unique, involving virtual gaming. The storyline is of 2138 when online gaming is controlling the world.

The online game sleeps down, the gamer refuses to log off, and He gets trapped into the game and becomes Momonga, a powerful wizard as Momonga begins controlling the new fiction world with an iron fist slaughtering everyone who opposes him. Fans have been wanted to know for a sequel ever since all three seasons came out. The anime depicts a story-taking place over an era in the future where a character is caught in a contest being discontinued. The last season ended on a cliff-hanger and left many questions unanswered, which leaves a lot of places for the next season to explore on, and hence the fans are desperate and eagerly waiting for season four.

Overlord Season 4 Release Date

Overlord Season 4

Madhouse Studio is responsible for creating very famous anime and thous anime next season is also expected Hunter X Hunter Season 7, and Btooom Season 2.

There is no official announcement from the developers of the show concerning season four’s release date. It has been noticed that the anime scriptwriter, Yukie Sugawara, said at the 2019 AnimagiC conference that a fourth season is an opportunity. Due to the fan following and popularity of the show, the show will likely recommence. There is also a lot to be stretched from the storyline admitting that it ended on a cliff-hanger in season 3.

The next season is expected to be out before the end of the year, with teasers and trailers to find their way in mid-year. The production and filming are in progress, and they have started their work on season 4, which was affected and delayed by global pandemic and coronavirus threats. Fans are eager about the series comeback as the pandemic ends and conditions are improved, which is why the show would take a long to return. The show might be published sometime in 2022, but if the fans are lucky enough, they might get to know that the dates would be out for late 2021.

Overlord Season 4 Cast 

Speaking about the characters, it remains the same, and the characters will be returning to the plot. We can expect the leading roles to be in the plot, and their presence indicates that the story will be about the protagonists of the series. There is so much more to be introduced in the show. The fan talks suggest that new characters might come into action and take place as well. However, still, we need to wait for a minimum of 4 to 5 months to receive official notice from the creators of the show.

Overlord Season 4 Plot and Expectations

On July 30, 2012, thirteen volumes of Overlord were uploaded initially, and it saw significant success. The author stated that they are planning to produce a total of 20 editions. Considering season 3, we saw the Great Tomb’s return to defeat the Enge after getting loads of attacks by Capital Einzer. We also learned the absolute power of consumers was also opposed, and multiple challenges were called out. All the fans were disappointed in the ending of episode 12, season 3, which showed the most epic scene indicating Dark Youngs’ presence. We are expecting to see the Supervilleano mode of Aniz very soon. 

All the seasons overlapped with 3 volumes of the novel series. Out of 14, 5 are left to be covered in the anime. It is expected that season 4 will cover volumes ten, eleven, and twelve. “The Ruler of Conspiracy,” “The Craftsman of Dwarf,” “The Paladin of the Holy Kingdom” are the given titles, respectively.  Volume one follows the story of Aniz, who decides to transform his kingdom into heaven for all the species and races. This volume also talks about other rulers of other countries who constantly try to oppose Ainz. 

Next, moving on to volume eleven, shows Ainz searching for the lost run magic while moving towards the Dwarf Kingdom and is being accompanied by Shalltear Bloodfallen and Aura Bella Fiora. Later, when they reach the Dwarf kingdom, they find that it is under attack by Quagoa. Facing all the threats, the Dwarf Runesmiths agrees to help Ainz with the mission of searching for lost rune magic. Lastly, the 3rd volume features the attack of the Demon Emperor.

Last Thoughts

The global pandemic and coronavirus have sure led to the delay of upcoming seasons, but we hope to hear the date announced soon. There is a chance that One Punch Man Season 3, No Game No Life Season 2, Or Overlord Season 4 is currently in production at Madhouse because currently, they finished “The Vampire dies in no time” Anime.

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