One Piece: These Are The 10 Highest Active Bounties


Since the beginning of their adventure more than 23 years ago, the heroes from “One Piece” have undergone considerable development. This is recognized, among other things, by the ever-increasing amount of bounties that are being put on them. The ten highest active rewards that are advertised to the pirates according to the current anime status, let’s look at this article.

But how do the funds in “One Piece” actually come about? Well, once the number signals to us how strong a character is. The higher the reward, the stronger the character. However, physical strength is only a criterion for awarding a bounty. It also includes the danger posed by a pirate to the world order or how many victims demand its actions.

One Piece The 10 Highest Active Bounties

Bounty No. 10: Charlotte Cracker

The first pirate on our list is Charlotte Cracker, a member of Big Mom. He is the fifteenth child of Charlotte Linlin, a member of the Four Emperors. Cracker is one of the commanders of their gang and is one of the strongest members of the group, which impressively underlines his bounty of 860 million Berry.

Bounty Charlotte Cracker

His strength stems, among other things, from the biscuit fruit he has eaten, which gives him devil powers. Thanks to her, he can create and manipulate biscuits, which he often uses to create warriors fighting for and with him. He often uses them as armor to deceive his opponents. His bounty also shows that the world government considers him a serious threat to its plans.

Bounty No. 9: Charlotte Smoothie

Also, the second character on our list belongs to the Big Mom Pirates, and – let’s tell you at this point – Smoothie is not the last member of this gang. She is the 14th daughter of the Pirate Emperor Big Mom, a commander of the crew and one of her most powerful warriors. There is currently 932 million Berry exposed to her head.

Bounty Charlotte Smoothie

In combat, she often relies on her longsword, which she likes to combine with her devil powers. She owes this to the wring fruit, which gives it the power to dry out objects or to deprive opponents of the water that it has pierced with its sword. This in turn can store them in their own bodies in order to become stronger.

Bounty No. 8: Jack

Jack is a member of the 100-best pirate gang and one of their top commanders, which definitely makes clear his enormous bounty of 1 billion Berry. He is the villain of the Zou Arc and rules over a part of Wano Kuni as a kind of governor of pirate emperor Kaido.

Bounty Jack

In combat, he is notorious for his brute strength, which also goes back to his fishman descent. Having eaten a rare ancient Zoan devil fruit, he can transform into a mammoth, increasing his physical powers. In combat, in addition to his strength, he also relies above all on his two swords, which he masters almost masterfully.

Bounty No. 7: Charlotte Katakuri

And another place on this list is occupied by a member of the Big Mom pirates, more precisely Charlotte Katakuri, the second son of the Pirate Empire. Like his two siblings, he is also a commander of the gang, of which he is one of the most powerful warriors. Our hero Ruffy feels this first-hand in the “Whole Cake Island”-Arc, which will soon be launched on television.

Bounty Charlotte Katakuri

The bounty suspended on Katakuri amounts to a proud 1.057 billion Berry. He ate of the mochi fruit that allows him to create and control mochi. But even without these forces, he is physically enormously strong, an outstanding spear fighter and also one of the few known “One Piece” characters who can use all three Haki forms.

Bounty No. 6: Queen

Queen, like Jack, is part of the 100-best pirate gang and is also one of her top commanders. In addition, Kaido entrusted him with control of part of Wano Kuni. Thanks to the 1.32 billion Berry bounty on him, he is likely to be up to the task.

Bounty Queen

Although he is a capable fighter who can block attacks from Ruffy himself, the real danger comes from his mind. Queen is an extremely capable scientist and inventor who has produced two dangerous viruses, for example. In addition, like Jack, he once ate an ancient Zoan devil’s fruit that allowed him to transform into a Brachiosaurus, which enhances his power.

Bounty No. 5: Monkey D. Luffy

Our protagonist’s bounty has taken a huge leap since the beginning of his anime adventure and has exploded. Currently, the reward offered to him is 1.5 billion Berry. This, however, comes not only from its strength but especially from the danger that the world government sees in it for the current order.

Bounty Monkey D. Luffy

Thanks to his years of training, Ruffy is enormously strong both physically and psychologically. In addition, he now masters various powerful techniques, the use of which allows him to use his devil powers of the gum-gum fruit, and for some time also Haki, which makes his attacks even stronger. He has thus earned his title as “Fifth Pirate Emperor”.

Bounty No. 4: Marshall D. Teach/Blackbeard

Speaking of pirate emperors, as rulers of the New World, the last section of the Grandline, they are the most powerful pirates of the One Piece world. After Whitebeard’s death, blackbeard’s former subordinate took his place and was awarded his first bounty.

Having previously received no reward for him, his capture or elimination of the world government is now worth 2,247,600,000 Berry.

Bounty Marshall D. Teach aka Blackbeard

Blackbeard has already proven himself to be a dangerous pirate and powerful warrior, after all, it was he who could catch Ruffy’s big brother Ace. He is particularly dangerous because he is the only one-piece character known to us to be able to use the powers of two devil fruits: that of his own darkness fruit and that of Whitebeard’s extremely powerful earthquake fruit.

Bounty No. 3: Shanks

Third place goes to the man who inspired Ruffy to become a pirate: the Red Shanks. As the only member of the Four Emperors, he has not eaten any devil’s fruit, but this does not diminish his imposing reputation – or his bounty. As a reward, he is currently exposed to 4,048,900,000 Berry.

Bounty Shanks

As a former member of Gol D. Roger’s crew, Shanks is an outstanding swordsman who can take on falcon eye selves himself. His mere presence after the Battle of Marineford was also enough to immediately cease all fighting.

One reason for this is his strong Haki skills. Like Katakuri, Shanks masters all three species. According to Eiichiro Oda, the character could play a particularly important role in the story this year.

Bounty No. 2: Charlotte Linlin/Big Mom

Before that, we dedicated three children to the Pirate Emperor and although her pupils are very strong, her mother Linlin plays in a completely different league. The leader of the Big Mom pirates is exposed to a 4.388 billion Berry bounty. This may also be due to her past, as she was a member of the notorious Rocks pirates in her youth.

Bounty Charlotte Linlin/Big Mom

Even at a young age, Big Mom was an outstanding warrior who still possesses superhuman raw strength. In addition, she once ate of the soul fruit that gave her devil powers. These allow her to give a physical form to the soul of every person she touches. In this way, it can rob opponents of part of their lifespan and add it to its own.

Bounty No. 1: Kaido

The highest active bounty is exposed to the current opponent of Ruffy and his friends: Pirate Emperor Kaido. He has the land of Wano Kuni under his control with his 100-best pirate gang, but the straw hats want to change that and overthrow him. However, this should not be easy, because on the head of their enemy are currently exposed to a proud 4,611,100,000 Berry.

Kaido Bounty

His legendary physical strength earned him nicknames such as “King of Beasts” or “Strongest Creature”. In addition, Kaido has an almost inexhaustible stamina, even without his mighty haki, as well as devil powers, which he owes to a legendary model of fish fruit. This allows him to transform into a dragon, fly and increase his already formidable powers even more.

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