No Game No Life Season 2 Release Date 2021


Even after 6 years of gap, are you still waiting for the miracle to happen? Well, you are not alone, millions of fans are hoping for the same. No game No life saw a huge success among anime lovers, but it is very disappointing to see there is no season 2 yet.

No Game No Life Season 2 Release Date

We still have a lot of questions like – Will Sora and Shiro battle the other races of Disboard? and Will they succeed in defeating the God of games Teto? Answers can only be disclosed in the second season of No Game No Life. We can always read the light novels which are the original source of this anime series but where is the fun in that?

No Game No Life is a fun isekai anime with wonderful art and animation and it is heartbreaking to see it left at such an interesting part. We cannot explain to you why there is no season 2 yet but we can definitely find out if there is even a little bit possibility of season 2 coming out later if not sooner.

We will look into the present factors of the anime such as Popularity, Source Material, Profit, and sales which can provide us enough information about the possibility of Season 2 being released.

Factor 1: Popularity

There is no point of making a sequel if the series is not popular enough among the anime lovers. The last episode of No game No life was aired in 2014, since then it did saw a significant lost in the fanbase as there was no material to maintain the interest.

Thankfully, its movie brought back a lot of life. Merchandise is doing very well in the market on its own and number of google searches is still good even after 6 years of the first season.

Factor 2: Source Material

There is total 10 Light novel volumes for No Game No Life out of which the first season adapted Volume 1-3 in 2014. The movie adapted the whole book 6 that is a prequel that means there are at least 6 volumes left to be adapted in the anime. The thing that concerns us all is that there is no new release since 2018 which might come in the way of the second season.

Factor 3: Sales and Profit

In terms of sales and profit, no game No life is doing surprisingly good. Light novels and Blu Ray’s might have seen a downfall in the sales, but its Merchandise is going strong till date. There are new additions in the merchandise after the movie which boosted the sale and profit. Movie alone earned a huge profit on Box Office.

The No Game No life franchise is making a good amount of money and we do not profitability can be any reason to stand between the release of the second season.


As per the above information, we can make out that the source material is the one to blame here. No game No life is making a lot of money till now and has not lost its popularity, but lack of the source material is what causing the problem here.

There are 10 volumes of the light novels, the latest one being a prequel story but according to us they can be enough to make a whole new season. But as there is no new Volume in the last 2 years, maybe Kadokawa does not want to spend money on a series that has nothing new to promote.

According to some reports, the author of this series is facing some health issues and that is why the release speed is so slow. They did a good thing in making a prequel movie that kept the franchise alive and helped it make a huge profit.

If you’ve any other questions, do let us know in the comments section below.

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  1. Uhhh, there are 10 light novels in English alone. They have TONS of potential for more, even if they just want to start up with the game against the Old Deus where they left off in the show.

  2. There are total 10 volumes and there is a lot of source material that can be animated ! It just won’t happen because all of the anime that was made were to promote the growth of sales of the light novels and now that the thing was achieved they see no point nor reason in making season 2. Just like what happened with Hataraku Maou-Sama!

  3. Didn’t they got sued by Jojo’s bizarre advebture’s studio or something for copyright? Because there’s a lot of references to Jojo


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