Mr. Osomatsu 3: Broadcast Of The Tenth Episode Postponed


As the official Twitter account of the Mr. Osomatsu 3 anime announced on Monday, the tenth episode will not be broadcast as planned on December 14, 2020 due to a program change. Instead, the responsible broadcasters will show off the US Women’s Open final round. When the unusual episode will be replayed will be announced at a later date.

It is not yet known whether the simulcast will also be affected by the shift and whether AT-X will broadcast the episode regularly during the week.

Mr. Osomatsu 3 Cast and Staff

Like its predecessors, Season 3 is produced by Studio Pierrot (“Naruto, Akatsuki no Yona, Bleach, Twin Star Exorcists & Black Clover) under the direction of Youichi Fujita (“Gintama“, “Good Luck Girl”). The only new addition to the staff is Eiji Abiko (“Last Hope”, “Baby Blue”), who now takes over the position of character designer instead of Naoyuki Asano.

While the voice actors of the first two seasons return to their roles, the opening “nice to NEET you!.” is contributed just like that of the previous one by the Idol Unit A’P. The first ending, titled “Max Charm Faces” (Kanojo wa Saikiou♡♡!!!!!! “Shuta Sueyoshi with Totoko♡Nya & Matsuno-ka 6 Ky’dai”, i.e. the speakers of the six brothers and their adored Totoko, is given the best.

As a special guest, they invited singer Shuta Sueyoshi, who has already arranged for the opening at “Spiritpact -Bond of the Underworld-“. The whole thing is written and produced as well as the endings of the previous relays of TECHNOBOYS PULCRAFT GREEN-FUND (“Kakegurui“, “Trinity Seven“).

The ending of the second half will be given by the unit “Omusubi with Osomatsu-san All Stars”, which consists of 17 cast members. It is titled “Amazing Intelligence ‘ Kuzu wa Saik!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♡♡ “Scum is the best” and will be deployed in time for the start of the second half in January.

Mr. Osomatsu 3 Trailer

Mr. Osomatsu Action

“Mr. Osomatsu” is a sequel to the 1966 comedy series “Osomatsu-kun”, which deals with the banged-through sixlings from the Matsuno household. While they are still ten years old in the anime classic, Osomatsu and co have grown up in “Mr. Osomatsu” and have to deal with the typical problems of adultexistence – be it the job search or the first great love. And it’s not even that easy if you’re a useless NEET who prefers to scratch your butt rather than move a millimetre.

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