Fate/Grand Order Camelot Reveals Release Date + Visual


On the official website of the “Fate / Grand Order” film series, it was announced today that the second “Camelot” part will be shown in Japanese cinemas from spring 2021. A visual has also been released, which you can find below.

Fate/Grand Order Camelot Release Date

The second film is entitled “Fate / Grand Order THE MOVIE Divine Realm of the Round Table: Camelot Paladin; Agateram” and is directed by Kazuto Arai (“FLCL Progressive”) in Studio Production IG (“Psycho-Pass”, “Haikyu!!“).

Ukyou Kodachi (“School-Live!”) And Kazuto Arai write the script, while Mieko Hosoi, Kazuchika Kise and Nakaya Onsen provide the character design. The music is composed by Keita Haga and Hideyuki Fukasawa.

The first film, which opened in Japanese cinemas today, was produced under the direction of Kei Suezawa in the Signal.MD (“Platinum End“) studio. Both films adapt the “Camelot” singularity of “Fate / Grand Order”.

Fate/Grand Order Camelot Visual

Fate/Grand Order Camelot Visual

Fate/Grand Order Camelot Characters, Cast & Staff

I. Characters & Cast

CharacterVoice Actor
Mash KyrielightRie Takahashi
Ritsuka FujimaruNobunaga Shimazaki
BedivereMamoru Miyano
Aka no SaberMiyuki Sawashiro
OzymandiasTakehito Koyasu
GawainTakahiro Mizushima

II. Production Team

DirectorKazuto Arai (“FLCL Progressive”)
ProducerStudio Production IG (“Psycho-Pass”, “Haikyu!!“)
ScriptUkyou Kodachi (“School-Live!”) And Kazuto Arai
Character DesignMieko Hosoi, Kazuchika Kise and Nakaya Onsen
MusicKeita Haga and Hideyuki Fukasawa

Fate/Grand Order Action

In 2015, the Chaldea Security Organization draws on experts of both the magical and mundane fields to observe the future of mankind for possible extinction events. Humanity’s survival seems assured for the next century until the verdict suddenly changes, and now eradication of the species awaits at the end of 2016. The cause is unknown, but appears to be linked with the Japanese town of Fuyuki and the events of 2004 during the Fifth Holy Grail War.

In response, Chaldea harnesses an experimental means of time travel, the Rayshift technology. With it, Ritsuka Fujimaru, a young man newly recruited to the organization, and the mysterious girl Mash Kyrielight, can travel back to 2004 and discover how to save humanity. A grand order to fight fate has been declared—an order to change the past and restore the future.

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