Burning Kabaddi Anime Release Date + Teaser & Visual


On the website of the anime adaptation of “Burning Kabaddi” (jap.: “Shakunetsu Kabaddi”) a new teaser for the series was released today, which you can watch below.

Burning Kabaddi Release Date

“Burning Kabaddi” is directed by Kazuya Ichikawa (“Clean Freak! Aoyama kun”) at the studios TMS Entertainment (Spirit Chronicles, Dr. Stone, ReLIFE, Kamisama Kiss, Rent-A-Girlfriend, Megalo Box and Rent-a-Girlfriend) and Domerica (“Seven Knights Revolution“). Yuuko Kakihara is responsible for the series composition, while Mari Takada (“Monster Strike the Animation”) contributes to the character design. The music is composed by Ken Ito (“Handa-kun”).

The series, based on a manga by Hajime Musashino, is expected to air on Japanese television from April 2021. The original series has been published in Shogakukan’s “Manga One” magazine since July 2015. The Japanese publishing house has already published 15 volumes.

Burning Kabaddi Anime Visual

Burning Kabaddi Anime Visual

Burning Kabaddi Anime Characters, Cast & Staff

I. Characters & Cast

CharacterVoice Actor
Tatsuya YoikoshiYuma Uchida
Masato Wang sejoNobuhiko Okamoto
Soma MichiMoto Sato
Kei IuraShin Furukawa
Kyohei MizusumiSuzuki, T.
Shinji DateShunsuke Takeuchi

II. Production Team

OriginalSo Musashino
DirectorJunya Ichikawa / Domerica
StudioToms Entertainment
Series CompositionYuko Kakihara
Character DesignMari Takada

Burning Kabaddi Anime Teaser


Kabaddi is not stupid fun. It’s a serious sport! Tatsuya Yoigoe attends the first year of high school and hates sports. One day, when he is invited by the members of the Kabaddi Club to a rehearsal, he only goes to make fun of it. But then he realizes that it is a serious martial art.

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