Shortly before the start of the fourth and final season of “Attack on Titan”, the streaming service Crunchyroll wanted to know from the fans of the series which characters they like best. The result has now been published.

Over 100,000 Fans Took Part

According to its own information, over 100,000 fans took part in the voting by Crunchyroll. However, the evaluation does not reveal how many votes the individual characters received. It is therefore unclear how big the gap is between the placements.

What do you think of the opinion of the Crunchyroll users? Who is your favorite from “Attack on Titan”? Let us know in the comments!

Place 21 to 11

21Oruo Bozad
20Miche Zacharius
18Bertholdt Hoover
17Dot pyxis
15Petra Rall
14Marco Bodt
13Conny Springer
11Christa Lenz

Top 21 Characters Ranking

10. Reiner Braun

9. Annie Leonhart

8. Jean Kirchstein

7. Sasha Braus

6. Erwin Smith

5. Armin Arlert

4. Hang Zoë

3. Eren Jaeger

2. Mikasa Ackerman

1. Levi

NOTE: The placements were determined by Crunchyroll voting. It is not the opinion of the TheAwesomeOne editorial team.

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