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After “Attack on Titan: Final Season” kicked off two weeks ago, the third episode of the new season will be shown on Japanese television on Sunday. Fittingly, some of the creators of the anime series recently commented on the production.

Isayama Suggested a Scene for Episode One

In a 68-minute live stream, director Yuichiro Hayashi, designer Yusuke Tannawa, composer Kohta Yamamoto and Shintaro Kawakubo, the editor in charge of original author Hajime Isayama, spoke about the mangaka’s involvement in the project.

For example, a scene at the beginning of the first episode of the new season was a request from Isayama. More specifically, this is the moment Falco comes to himself in the trench. Here he speaks visibly dazed about having flown through the air with swords in his hands.

In addition, the »Attack on Titan” creator has already been able to watch the upcoming episode of the anime series. He is said to have enjoyed this, because in his opinion it was “wonderful”. Hayashi seems to share this opinion, as he says fans can look forward to a “pretty spectacular” episode. This is mainly due to the character Reiner, whom viewers would love after the next episode.

Conditions “are hell”

The director also commented on the current production conditions of the anime adaptation. As he points out, the current works are “the hell, but all the employees are doing their best”, so he asked the fans to look forward to the next episodes.

In the further course of the conversation it was confirmed once again that one wants to adapt the complete history of the manga template as an anime.

Attack on Titan 4 Ending


In 2,000 years, humanity – or what is left of it – lives behind vast walls. Because the world outside is dominated by giant titans who seem to have only one goal: to eat people! Only the young Eren Jäger does not want to accept this and join the reconnaissance team to defeat the giants and discover the world. But when one day a Titan of immense proportions looks over the wall, Eren quickly suspects that after a hundred years of peace, his village is once again facing disaster.

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