Alice in Deadly School Reveals Release Date + Trailer


A new trailer for the anime adaptation of “Alice in Deadly School” was published on the official website of the “Actidol Project” today. You can watch it below.

Alice in Deadly School Anime Release Date

“Alice in Deadly School” is an anime that takes place within the series “Gekidol” and is treated there as a play. On January 4, 2021, both titles will celebrate their premiere on Japanese television as part of a one-hour special that includes the first episode of “Gekidol” and a special edition of “Alice in Deadly School”.

“Gekidol” is directed by “Märchen Mädchen” director Shigeru Ueda in the Hoods Entertainment studio. Keiichirō Ōchi (“OreGairu Climax”) writes the script, while Kiyoshi Tateishi (“Val x Love”) animates the original character design by Asami Sekiya. The music is composed by Prhythm / epx. The regular TV start is planned for January 5, 2021.

“Alice in Deadly School” is produced under the direction of Shigeyasu Yamauchi (“Dragonball Z: The Fusion”) at the Hoods Entertainment studio. Yumi Kageyama writes the script. Kiyoshi Tateishi (“Val x Love”) adapted the original character design by Asami Sekiya for the animation and Prhythm / epx contributed the music.

The manga that served as the template for “Alice in Deadly School” was penned by Kaworu Asakusa and Ajiko Kojima. “Gekidol” is an original anime.

Alice in Deadly School Visual

Alice in Deadly School Visual


Action from Gekidol

The story takes place five years after a mysterious catastrophe that suddenly caused the world’s cities to disappear. Although people continue to be in turmoil, they are slowly recovering and getting distracted with other things. In this world there are girls who are fascinated by a play that uses the “Theatrical Material System” with 3D holograms and who are now aiming for the stage themselves.


Yū and Shinako enjoy their peaceful everyday life on the school roof. But suddenly something strange happens: your classmates become zombies! Together with other survivors, they must somehow escape this chaos.

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