Alice in Deadly School Release Date Of The Zombie OVA


On the official website of the original anime “Gekidol”, it was recently confirmed that the anime adaptation of “Alice in Deadly School” is an OVA.

OVA is Released in March 2021

The OVA will be released on March 3, 2021, together with the Blu-ray box of “Gekidol” in Japan. The first 25 minutes were broadcast on Japanese television yesterday as part of a New Year’s special. It is not yet known how long the full version will be on the disc.

Alice in Deadly School” is an adaptation of a manga by author Kaoru Asakura and illustrator Ajiko Kojima, which is treated as a play within “Gekidol”. Studio Hoods Entertainment was responsible for the production. Shigeyasu Yamauchi took over the direction, while Yumi Kageyama wrote the screenplay.

Promo Video

Alice in Deadly School Action

Yuu and Nobu practice a manzai number (a two-person comedy performance) on the roof of the school. At the same time, the school building is overcrowded with the presence of non-human “creatures”. It is said that when a person dies after being bitten by such a creature, they turn themselves into a zombie and attack people. Will Yuu, Nobu and the other surviving schoolgirls be able to escape the danger?

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