7-Eleven Releases Anime Commercial


Anyone who has ever been to Japan knows that convenience stores – more called “Konbini” there – are available on every corner. Partly only a few meters apart. One of the most famous brands is 7-Eleven, which has now released its own anime commercial.

Short Anime is Meant to Remind you of the Little Things

The anime commercial is titled “Tokimeki wa, Sugu Soba ni” (What makes your heart beat faster is very close) and is intended to convey that you don’t have to go on a great adventure to find satisfaction because even the little things of life – such as unexpected encounters and everyday pleasures – are just around the corner.

The Answerstudio was responsible for the production of the 30-second short anime. Hiroshi Kawamata (“Hal’s Flute”) took over the direction, while “Kimi ni Todoke”-Mangaka Karuho Shina created the character design.

Musically, the spot, which you can watch below, is accompanied by the song “Day Dream Believer”, which comes from Yama.

7-Eleven Commercial

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